View from the Top

I climbed my first tree before I was five. Got stuck. Screamed. Daddy had to walk two miles home from work in the middle of a hot West Virginia afternoon and rescue me. Like a cat, I finally learned not to climb down head-first. For the next XX years (I'd say how many, but no one would believe it) I spent time in the tops of trees, where I learned some of life's most important skills -- and pleasures. I'd say what they were (and are) but that would be telling. And you know what they say -- writers should show, not tell. So kick off your shoes and shimmy on up. Join me here surrounded by blue sky and little green leaves. Bring a book if you like, or a notebook. The apples up here are crisp and ripe and free for the picking.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Mary offers group and individual sessions as follows:
     Thursday morning group, 10 am – 1 pm at Cornerstone Café in Crestwood -- $20 per session.    
     Those interested in a second, evening session in beginning writing, poetry or memoir may call
           502-552-9578, or email This group will be formed, should there
           be enough interest.
      Private sessions as requested – 103 Logsdon Court, Douglass Hills -- $10 per hour.
      On-line or mail-in submissions for edit or critique, $1 per page. E-mail or send to
           103 Logsdon Court, Louisville, KY 40243.

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